Burst: Drum Machine Samples by ModeAudio

Burst – Drum Machine Samples from ModeAudio is nothing short of an explosion of sheer drum sample delight – light the fuse, run for cover and brace your eardrums for a detonation of rattling drum delirium.

Peer down into this powder keg of 339 royalty-free drum machine samples and discover a powerful arsenal of carefully crafted percussion weaponry. We’ve harnessed and refined the raw might of retro hardware for this release, waiting to be unleashed straight into your next DAW session.

Packing plenty of transient punch and hefty low-end, this collection spans colossal kick drums, slapping claps, snappy snares, cutting hi hats, resonant toms, shimmering shakers, precise hand percussion and beyond, edited and processed to pop right out of even the densest of mixes.

Blending the warm crunch of hardware groove boxes with cutting-edge DSP processing, this robust set will suit all electronic styles, from slick Hip Hop, Trap and Synthwave to pounding House, Techno, EDM and beyond.

14 custom-made drum kit sampler patches accompany the main samples, pre-matched and mixed to provide you with a selection of cohesive kits to get beatmaking with straight after download. 3 channel strip presets are also included to add extra percussive firepower to your drum tracks when required.

Blast your beats straight into the big league – download Burst – Drum Machine Samples and push the detonator today.


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