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Lutein79 wrote:

Sun Dec 05, 2021 1:41 pm

My 24 Thread AMD CPU results:

More CPU Cores = More Tracks with more Plugins.
tested (20x Arturia Pigments per track equal smooth play)

One Track with Instrument Layer is One Audio Signal Way which limited to One CPU Thread.
tested (4x Arturia Pigments in Instrument Layer and hear Jitters)

That’s strange. I’ve run 10 instances of Pigments separately on each track and then 10 instances inside of Instrument Layer on singe track. In both cases CPU utilisation was the same (27-29% on average), but seemed a bit more stable (less variance around the mean) for the latter scenario.

I’m on Win10 / i7-8750h laptop.

Out of curiosity – does Bitwig run the AVX2 audio engine on AMD processors?

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