Apply same Effect to Multiple Audio Files – Acon Digital Forum

Logga wrote:

Wed Oct 20, 2021 10:51 am

Every effect/tool is not available in the Batch Processor, currently.
But you can change the sample rate and channel format in the Target Format area, below the Processing Chain window.

That’s OK I have seen it but is it possible to take same stem from all the audios simultaneously in batch processing or can I Insert silence likewise in all.

But Why all Sub Menu’s of Tools are not available and how do the developer decide only few tools are required for us and the rest not. Each one of us may be using different tool for different purpose and all are required. Is it not? And currently means will it be updated in near future?

And when I asked for applying something for multiple Audios you quoted Batch Processor very confidently. But when it comes again to my specific requirement batch processing also does not meet my need.

You should in fact consider these seriously something as bugs/flaws/need of users and act immediately as a developer.

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