4.1 Beta 4 is available – Bitwig Forum

Changes in Bitwig Studio 4.1, Beta 4


Quantize device: Now has an Amount control, setting the distance toward the next grid line that each note is moved
Quantize device: Now has a global Groove toggle
Controller script added for Mackie Control (with support for up to three Extenders)

Ricochet device: Smooths expression output better (via the Room Spatialization parameter), removing clicks
Note Transpose device: Didn’t initialize correctly [27070]
Steps modulator: In unipolar mode, was clipping random values at zero [27150]
Muted Tracks didn’t grey out their meters when loading a project [27143]
Loading a project that contains many plug-ins would sometimes incorrectly show a “Plug-in host not responding” notification [27133]
VST 3 plug-ins: Sidechaining would become inactive after Export [27069]
Linux: Fixed rare crash with a multi monitor setup [27125]

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