20.04 – Kazam – not recognising headset though pulseaudio.py is up-to-date, it uses time.perf_counter()

I have installed Ubuntu 20.04 and Kazam doesn’t detect the headset:

enter image description here

If I check the sound device in the menu-bar in Ubuntu, it is shown that the headset is connected

enter image description here

I have been reading in askubuntu.com about similar issues and many of them refer to a change in the pulseaudio.py file (e.g. Screen recording applications are not detecting audio in ubuntu 20.04 and also github.com/hzbd/kazam/pull/40)

I have checked the file pulseaudio.py in my ubuntu, and it is as it should be, it uses time.perf_counter().

I don’t know what else I should check. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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