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syntonica wrote:

Thu Nov 18, 2021 12:50 am

Not really. Just because an application is notarized does not mean it’s free of malicious code and/or intent.

I wasn’t saying it’s guaranteed to be malicious free. I also don’t like the notarization system. I was just saying that Apple has gatekeeped it very well, and their usual justification is to prevent malware. I don’t mean that as in it’s a good job, but that they’re good at it (gatekeeping).

Stupid saying: “Be good, and if you can’t be good, be good at it”. Apple falls under the good at it camp IMO. Meaning they’re very good at demonizing non-Apple approved/payed for software. If Apple had their way, everything would go through the app store so they could get their cut off the top.

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