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LADSPA – Linux Audio Developer’s Simple Plugin API’s

tap-plugins – ladspa api를 사용한 간단한 플러그인들의 집합

Linux Audio Plug-Ins: A Look Into LADSPA


ladspa-sdk source code


Dependencies : g++ sndfile-programs

First, go to the LADSPA home page to pick up the latest SDK. Download the tarball (ladspa_sdk.tgz) to your $HOME directory, unpack it with tar xzvf ladspa_sdk.tgz. Next go into your new LADSPA_SDK/src directory and run make to build the sample plug-ins and utilities.
Compiling is straightforward and requires no special libraries or other dependencies. When the compiler is finished, become root (su root) and run make install.

Set the LADSPA_PATH environment variable with this command:
export LADSPA_PATH=/usr/local/lib/ladspa

when load taplugin module, what control option means?


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