Fast Torque Optimization Technology of Brushless Motor Using ANSYS Finite Element Software and Maxwell2D

In recent years, due to the large-scale research and development of brushless DC motor and the gradually mature technology, the distribution range of its drive system in industrial production has also expanded, and has gradually become the development mainstream [1] in the field of industrial automation. With the continuous development of industry, the motor control has also emerged more and more ways [2]. The operation principle of external rotor brushless motor is studied, a typical 12-slot 14 extremely concentrated winding UAV motor is described, and the optimization design of tooth groove torque and torque pulse is analyzed. Using ANSYS finite element software and Maxwell2D magnetic field, Optislang compares the sensitivity of different pole arc coefficients, negative length, and the simulation results show the effectiveness of the optimization method to provide effective basis for motor optimization design.

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