Calibrate Any COMSOL Multiphysics Material Model using MCalibration

MCalibration can calibrate all material models in Abaqus, Ansys, LS-DYNA, MSC.Marc, Radioss, and now also COMSOL Multiphysics. Some material models have a very fast internal solver that is part of MCalibration, and some material models have not yet been internally implemented in MCalibration and will require the stress-strain calculations to be performed using the target FE software using a single finite element. In these cases, MCalibration will automatically generate the FE simulation files, run them when needed, and extract the stress-strain results for the specified load histories. The material model in this case is specified as a MCalibration template, which is basically the FE solver commands that specify the desired material model. 

Most COMSOL Multiphysics material models are specified using the GUI, and COMSOL does not use a traditional input file in txt-file format. Fortunately, it is possible to drive COMSOL using a Java file that is using Java API commands. In this tutorial I will show how to: (1) Generate a COMSOL material model from Java commands, (2) Insert the Java commands into a MCalibration template; and (3) Run a material model calibration using MCalibration.

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