22.8.1 / 22.7.1 Problems in Lost Ark Directx 11

I was having the same issue too, turns out there are two versions of the AMD Adrenaline software, one is stable, one is not. If you download the WHQL version of the Adrenaline software you should only be given stable driver updates. Fixed the problem entirely for me including on Dx11.


EDIT: Ok so even when you download the WHQL version, even though it does install 22.5.1, when you open it, it still notifies to update to 22.8.1, however if you click the Settings cog at top right and then change ‘Preferred Software Version’ to ‘Recommended Only’ and then click ‘Check for updates’ it will show 22.5.1 as being the latest version.


This should be a default setting, rather than an opt-in, but I hope this helps you!

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