(20+ Things I Wish I Knew before I Got Started 3D Printing)

If you missed the Oct. Lecture titled: (20+ Things I Wish I Knew before I Got Started 3D Printing), you have a second chance to hear it. I will be giving this same Lecture to the IEEE Engineer Group on Monday Jan. 10 at 6:30PM.

We will meet in the Conference Room at Rockfish Seafood Grill, 7639 Campbell Rd. Dallas, TX 75248, (972) 267-8979

Rockfish is located on the N.W. corner of Campbell Rd. and Coit.

This is a FREE Meeting. You do NOT need to pay, or join the IEEE Group to attend this meeting. You will be my guest.

This would be a perfect Lecture for someone just getting starting in 3D Printing, as well as an experienced user; reason being, just because you haven’t had some of the problems that we’re going to discuss, doesn’t mean that they can’t happen to YOU.

You may invite your friends.
Hope to see you with all of us, so please mark your Calendar NOW.

The File Size of my PowerPoint Lecture is >35Mb. If you would like a COPY of this Lecture, please bring a USB Memory Stick to the meeting and I will be happy to make a copy for you that same night.

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