1.5 use of CONDA


Light weight is used here miniconda,windows The program can be downloaded and installed directly

2、conda Common operations

a. Query existing environment , Only by default base

conda env list

b. New environment ,test Name of the environment

conda create -n test python=3.8.5 -y

c. Enter the environment

activate test

d. Out of the environment


e. Installation dependency , For example, installation pytest

conda install pytest

f. Delete environment

conda remove -n test --all -y

g. Clone the environment

conda create -n testclone --clone test

h. Export dependency list

conda list -e > requirements.txt// export 
conda install --yes --file requirements.txt// install 

3、 New projects , And use a virtual environment

activate test// Activate the virtual environment 

mkdir test// Create project 

cd test

conda install requests

Use this time pycharmm Open the project , You don’t have to setting Configuration of the

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