Virtual reality tools for education and rehabilitation

Can this VR headset be used to play other VR games and to watch movies in 3D?

Yes, this is a regular VR headset that can be used with any VR cardboard game and any app such as popular VR theater apps, except for Oculus Rift games which require their dedicated hardware.

What phones are supported?

Any phone that fits your VR headset and is listed as a supported device (click).

Are VR games suitable for children?

Children under 7 years age will have difficulty wearing VR headsets especially if their head is small.

Can I use Breathing+ headset with any other VR headset?

Not with all of them as some VR headsets do not have enough space to connect BREATHING headset while phone is inside VR headset.

Are these games suitable only for medical use or also entertainment?

VR games are very entertaining due to immersive experience provided by 3d panoramic view, so BreathingVR games are suitable for entertainment as well as clinical and/or psychiatric use,

What do health professionals think of your products?

Health professionals recommend our products mainly to people with breathing difficulties or stress related disorders. Our products are based on a breathing technique Pursed Lip Breathing that is being recommended by most asthma, COPD and pulmonary rehabilitation organisations worldwide.

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