Video Games That Motivate Kids To Do Breathing Exercises

Breathing games are being controlled with a specially designed BREATHING+ headset on computers and mobile devices where 3-d characters are animated for the best interactive breathing experience. Breathing guidance is being provided and breathing rate is being monitored. Breathing games are the most fun and easy way to improve breathing.

Why playing Breathing Games?

By playing breathing games (or using our other breathing services such as Breathing Fitness, Breathing Toys, or Breathing Scrolling) you will condition yourself to make your exhalations longer, resulting in a slower, deeper, and more efficient breathing.

What breathing technique is this

Breathing games are based on a breathing technique called Pursed Lip Breathing and they are designed to train kids to make exhalations longer and deeper and so breathing more slowly, deeply, and efficiently. This is specially recommended for people with breathing related (asthma, emphysema, COPD) and stress related (anxiety, panic attacks) disorders. In general medical doctors encourage people to perform Pursed Lip Breathing in order to get more oxygen, to gain energy or to relax.

How can I play Breathing Games?

You can play breathing games by connecting Breathing Headset to your Windows/Mac computer, or Android/iOS smartphone or tablet.

What age group are breathing games designed for?

Breathing games are officially suited for age 7+ years, although we achieve some great results with 5+ years old users as well. At younger age (under 5 years old) some problems arise such as 1) headset being too large (kids need to hold it in place), 2) their exhalation being too short and thus some games are less enjoyable for them. We suggest: measure your kids exhalation through pursed lips (like blowing a candle). If exhalation lasts more than 3 seconds they can start playing breathing games. On the other hand when exhalation lasts less than 3 seconds it may just make them frustrated.

What are advantages over classical video games?

Breathing Games are controlled by your breathing, so there is no need to use computer mouse. Such manner of using a computer causes no tension in hand and upper back which prevents possibly injuries like “carpal tunnel syndrome” and a bad posture at younger age. The main advantage is to practice Pursed Lip Breathing in a fun and easy way.

Will I be able to compete with others?

You can always compare your results to others. Although Breathing games are designed for one user at a time to play, you can write down results and compare them with others. The Breathing Diary is included in the package.

Will you launch new games in a future?

Yes, we constantly develop new games. Once we will launch a new breathing game or any other application we will provide it for free to all our buyers. Once you are registered you have access to all our products and applications including every new ones.

Why using Breathing Controlled Video Games?

Humans are engaged with many things and not many of those have positive consequence on our health. For example anyone can observe that conventional video games aren’t healthy. They cause tension in hands and upper back. After a long term use kids start breathing with upper part of their lungs which causes shortness of breath and low oxygenation. While playing Breathing Games kids learn how to breathe deeper and slower. They also improve speaking skills and consequently become more assertive.

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