Toys That Motivate Kids To Do Breathing Exercises

Toys are designed to motivate kids to perform breathing exercises by competing with each other with electronic toys. Following our success with Breathing Games, we have decided to make this transition into the real world by making real-world toys that are being controlled by breathing exercises.

So, first Games and now Toys?

Yes, Breathing Games have proven to be efficient in motivating kids in doing the exercises and they provide a visual feedback that allows kids to track their results and commit to their improvement. Breathing Toys bring this visual feedback into the real physical environment making the breathing exercise experience even more natural and real.

Do Breathing Toys require a smartphone/tablet to operate?

No, two headsets connect to a breathing controller, which connects to a race board with two racing cars. Because toys are connected to electrical outlets that may possibly be damaged or wired incorrectly, we have made sure that safety of users is never compromised.

How is electrical safety assured in your toys?

When using Breathing Toys a user is never connected to high voltage even if both systems (installed 230V electrical wiring and breathing toy) would fail simultaneously. We have achieved such a reliable separation by using double step galvanic isolation that is standard safety procedure in home electronics industry today.

What inspired you to create Breathing Toys?

Parents of kids who use our products did. So many times we heard how great our idea is, but that those parents felt uneasy encouraging their kids to use computers and smartphones even more as they already do. Moving breathing interaction from digital into the physical felt like a step backwards back then, but now it appears it was a step in the right direction.

What is your competition?

Toys market is greatly saturated, but it does not include a product with such health related benefits. On the other hand, the market for breathing rehabilitation is vastly out-dated in terms of entertainment and monitoring/tracking features of breathing exercises guidance and supervision. We are researching our competitors and we keep all this research public, please see our white paper, table 1 (click).

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