[Products] Breathing Exercise Games: Basic Test (Pursed lip breathing exercise)

Basic Test (Breathing Fitness) – Check your Breathing Fitness level with this app before downloading breathing coaching sessions. Blow into the headset and try to make exhalation as long as possible. Breathing Fitness is based on a breathing technique called Pursed Lip Breathing. In general, medical doctors encourage people to perform Pursed Lip Breathing in order to get more oxygen, to gain energy or to relax. In Japan it is also used for dieting and it is known as “Long Breath Diet”.

WARNING: This application is designed to work best with BREATHING+ headset. Using your mobile device’s built-in microphone may result in damages not covered by your warranty. Additionally, BREATHING+ headset provides hands-free operation, firm position in front of your mouth and a much better signal-to-noise ratio resulting in more accurate breathing detection. For optimal performance and to ensure protection of your mobile device, buy BREATHING+ headset: www.breathinglabs.com/breathing-package/