Android sensors tracker

Every 2 minutes the app will create a new row in your Google Sheet. This app logs and store devices GPS cell information,device location, speed of movement, altitude, brightness of environment in lux, surrounding WIFI hotspots, surrounding bluetooth devices, cell data, network data, battery level, screen activity,screen timeout, CPU activity and google maps link to current location in a new sheet named Android.

Data is formatted to allow simple data extraction for further processing and automation. You can use this app on many devices simultaneously and the log will distinguish amongst those correctly.

NOTE 1: This app requires another app to be installed called AutoSheets plugin, get this app here:
(it may later require a purchase but shouldn’t be more than 3$ or so).

NOTE 2: The app will create a new sheet in your Logs spreadsheet, and you need to create this Logs spreadsheet in your Google Sheets manually. Simply name it “Logs”, without “”.

NOTE 3: App will create a new title row each time it is restarted. The app does not start by itself, you need to manually start it, or use some autostart, or autorun app on Google Play.

Download here: