Why do MIDI notes “anchor” themselves to the end of a clip instead of the beginning? Can I fix it? – Cubase

I may be using different terms here because I’m relatively new to Steinberg products. Here’s what I mean though:

Say you have a clip that you’ve drawn MIDI notes into. You made the clip 4 bars but now you want to make it bigger to add more notes. If you drag the right side of the clip to extend it’s length from 4 to 8 bars, all of the notes you’ve already penciled in get dragged to the end of the clip. This is backwards from all other DAWs I’ve used; normally when you drag a clip to make it longer, you’re extending the length and the existing notes stay anchored to the beginning of the clip. Cubase apparently does this backwards. I really have no idea why this would be the more desirable option or what the use of it would be, but I’m just trying to figure out if it’s possible to correct this and tell Cubase to anchor MIDI notes to the beginning of clips so that I can easily extend the length of them without moving all of my notes around.

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