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Caine123 wrote:

Mon Oct 18, 2021 11:14 am

1. how do i simply modulate the Cutoff with LFO1?

referring to the “init” patch:

where in your screenshot it says “ENV2” (red circle) there is a white triangle
representing the existence of a dropdown menu

click it
select LFO1 from the dropdown menu

adjust the knob below called “FreqModDepth” to something like 70

the “init” has in the section of LFO1 a knob called “Depth Mod” and selected “ModWheel”
per default the DepthMod value is max, i.e.: 100
reduce it to min, i.e. 0

then you should hear the filtercutoff modulated by LFO1

i don’t understand question 2) and 3)

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