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chk071 wrote:

Mon Sep 27, 2021 12:38 pm

Layers are the most horrible things ever invented.

In hardware synthesizer it is quite useful as you can’t duplicated a synth as easy as in software world.
But even in the hardware world there are some not so well implemented ways of layering and weird concepts. And this is from what software it’s often suffering from. Surge is a good counter example: it’s a easy to use and nice layer system. I’m not using Surge or any other synth with layering options nowadays but I see some advantages as one can easily copy settings from layer to another while in a native form (duplicating tracks) you need to adjust two instances of one synth or copy and paste presets all the time. I do this as I have not found a decent software synthesizer with layers which suits my needs. In Live it’s easier with the in-built devices as you have a ‘copy to sibling’ option for parameters what makes layering with Live’s own stuff really easy.

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