Whats your all-purpose/secret sauce compressor plugin? – Page 2 – Effects Forum

There is no “Secret Sauce” comp (or EQ or whatever). there is just a “sauce” one “cooks” (inserting all sorts of plugs to process the signal)

ALL the aforementioned comps are great (namely MJUC, DC8C3, PSP FETpressor, Silika, Uhbik-C, DMG TrackComp, Xfer OTT – among many MANY others like Waves, Slate and the likes)…. but the one that CHANGED the game – literally – as far as compression goes (at least clean, reliable and robust compression) – its FirComp FREE.

it does EXACTLY what it says on the tin (AND THEN SOME), and it does so gloriously. you can then further mangle the compression, should you wish, with one of the never-ending list of comps around (or distortion or whatever you should wish for coloring your signal). I do own FirComp2 but as a run-and-gun, set-and-forget comp, this is as far as you can go (for the time being). FirComp2 is great, make no mistake, but as it forces one into twiddling – it kinda losing its explosive, immediate charm (at least IMO). but it (Fc2) does offer you way more expandability (Even cleaner than Fircomp1, Mid / side processing mode, stereo options with stereo link and balance, Perceived loudness metering with easy makeup gain and balance snapping – among many other options).

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