Ways to make Wavetables for Hive?! – Page 5 – u-he Forum

Urs wrote:

Mon Oct 11, 2021 12:33 pm

But basically, you’re not using a wavetable editor, you’re using some other tool that’s built into Serum.

Which is exactly what I mean. Wavetable editors are not suited for this kind of task. To make the process viable one needs a spline/curve based tool such as Zebra or Serum’s LFO, or maths.

Yeah, it’s a “wavetable creation tool”, rather than an editor. Considering the discussion was about whether or not to add an actual editor to Hive, you’re right of course.

I wouldn’t want to miss Serum’s wavetable editor, but it’s not something I necessarily need inside a plugin. Having access to some wavetable editor as a standalone app would be sufficient for my use cases.

I haven’t checked out Audioterm and Vital’s wt editor, but with them being available for free, adding one to Hive probably would be a waste of time indeed. As a non-Hive-user, uhm-scripting is something that makes me consider getting it. Adding a wavetable editor wouldn’t add any value for me.

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