Wavestate, or Modwave – Page 2 – Hardware (Instruments and Effects) Forum

It’s funny guys, I keep hearing people complaining, or at least, not liking Hydrasynth’s sound. I’ve not had the privledge of actually hearing it in person, alas, but I can’t see how, with its dense and hugely varied filtering capabilities, that you can’t come up with good to great sounds. I sure sounds good to me from the YT videos I seen. Due to my 2 keyboards having different issues, varied erroneous data going into Reason/Cubase, and after seeing the deluxe looking Deluxe with the 73 keys, ribbon, and, 2 engines so configurable, I’m having issues resisting the temptation. One aspect of Modwave I also love the look of is the Kaoss stuff. The Opsix, I am also sure, can be covered by the huge and brilliantly incorporated FM in the Hydrasynth too, which is why I didn’t entertain it as a possibility. I mean, cost wise, all 3 of those seem incredibly cheap for their inherent powers.

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