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So I rebuilt my system, have a new SSD which is bigger, and I cloned my system disk and moved everything, windows , Cubase the lot to this disk, which also has all my plugins on it.

Both of these license managers has unauothorised all the plugins in them, and Waves only allowed me to migrate 6 out of 70 and says I have to wait until Febuary 2022 until I can do the rest, and ilok wont allow me to use any of them with no apparent means to move them at all.

tbh its really fking annoying, and I can see a lot of issues coming now because of this, and I am sick of these protection systems that dont allow for things like this. I understand they use hardware to link to to identify the PC but when its the person who has the login details for the license managers to login to them to change things, surely they should just make it simple to do.

I hope they don’t try to block me locating these licenses.

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