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Couple feature requests for multi sampler
1. Add at least one more loop type….bi-directional/pingpong or add being able to modulate loop direction….modulating sample start/end and loop/end in ping pong looping adds interesting textures as well….similar to bliss et al
2. Add adjustable loop crossfades for smoothness
3. Add sample start offset parameter that is modulatable so you can vary sample start without losing original start marker…similar to bitwig sampler et al
4. Add a new vertical line for playhead and allow modulation of playhead position and speed……(playhead scrubbing) of sample using the mouse or midi learning of controller rotary or slider independent of note phrasing adds interesting textures as too….allows wavescanning type effects…similar to bliss/harmor/skanner xt/bitwig sampler
5. Add modulatable sample select mode for MS between layers, and the layer select modes you already have in DS (round robin, random, etc)…this allows for wavesequencing type effects…similar to pigments,Msoundfactory, bitwig sampler et al

-sfz import would be nice…improvements from sf2 in(stereo,bitdepth,articulations)
-Event triggers and keyswitches would be nice


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