tls1.2 – MQTT connection to Microsoft Azure cloud in Twincat 3

I’m developing some code to connect my Beckhoff controller to microsoft Azure through MQTT Iot. To start I have used the example code provided by Beckhoff. Azure side is configured and I have the SAS Token. In Twincat I pasted the code and configured everything except the TLS/certification configuration since Beckhoff documentation it’s a bit confusing at this point

(¿CA is optional but mandatory at the same time?)

Anyway I tried to get a CA certificate to test. As I don’t how/where to get it, I tried to export Baltimore certificate to a file with certmgr.exe but the format it is not .crt type as in documentation example. Export formats are cert and p7b type. If I try with any of these types of files I get a TLS validating error in connection.

I’m a bit lost at this moment so any steps to help me in this part?

I’m not familiar with certification/TLS so can you please guys provide some tips or info links focused in this matter so I can get this kind of certificates to validate the connection?

Thanks in advance.

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