Using “Guitar Scientist” to create Linnstrument Scale and Chord Patterns – Roger Linn Design Forum

I am using the to create patterns for scales and chords for the Linnstrument. It is a great program. To make the patterns for the Linnstrument, you just need to create a pattern for an 8-string instrument and set the tuning for each string. If you set-up the tuning for each of the 8 strings as “E-B-Gb-Db-Ab-Eb-Bb-F”, and the number of frets to 25, then it creates the Linnstrument panel perfectly.

I have some patterns that I already set-up that you can use as a start, just do a search for “Linnstrument” and you will find my patterns. You can use the Guitar Scientist for free indefinitely. It operates on donations so I would hope you would contribute if you find it useful.

I’m going to suggest to the creator that he create an “Linnstrument” type on his site to make it easier.

Give me feedback on what you think.

Gary Steele

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