u-he Plugins Causing Freezing / Crashing in FL Studio 20.8.4 – u-he Forum

If you have a way to reproduce this, and can provide some more information, then please contact our support, so we can try to troubleshoot the problem.

We were able to find the cause of the issue for the one user who contacted us (wasn’t a bug, just an issue with the installation setup), but we can’t do anything for the others who are not writing to our support.

There could be a bug in our plugins, it could be a quirk only happening with a very special hardware/software setup, or it could be that the most recent update of FL Studio is causing those issues
As no one reported such problems during all the months of internal and public beta testing, and also not during the first weeks after the release of our recent updates, it’s a real possibility that this is caused by the very recent release of the FL 20.8.4 update.

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