Triangle Open & Mute (closed) – Dorico

I am trying to write a latin percussion triangle pattern but the default triangle sound only uses the open (natural) sound and the roll.

I need to add the closed triangle (MIDI note 80) and the open triangle (MIDI note 81)

In the triangle player part it just gives me regular triangle (MIDI note 84) and triangle roll (MIDI note 91).

I tried adding the notes in the Percussion Maps window and I can add and name the notes but they don’t play back using keyboard entry.

I also tried creating a new percussion map but when I added the notes to the percussion map I didn’t get any sounds to play. I went into the Endpoint Setup window and changed my Percussion Map to my new name. To get any triangle sound I had to change it back to HSO Triangle Combi Key. That doesn’t give me a muted triangle sound.

When I look at the HALion instrument for the Triangle Combi Key it only gives me the option for the Normal and Roll. The playing range for the instrument is C5 to B5. The open and closed triangle parts are G#4 and A4. Both are greyed out. They are not available in the Expressions list in the HALion player either.

I did a search of this forum on triangle and can’t find this discussed anywhere else.

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