Things you wished you had done before your initial release? – Development

Hey all, I’ve been making some exciting progress on a pair of modules I’d like to release soonish, but before I did I wanted to do this informal survey of mistakes to avoid, especially mistakes that are hard to fix after the initial release.

One aspect I’ve been wondering is how well patches made with a module survive additions to that module in later versions. For example, if right now I have two options for something (controlled by a button) and then later I add a third option (likely making it a knob?), what helps VCV Rack keep the correct settings in existing patches when the upgrade occurs? (In my experience as a software engineer, many booleans become enumerations!).

I’d love to know what, if anything, helps that happen correctly; I’ve seen references to saving JSON config, but I think that has to do with configuration within the module’s menu (which I currently don’t foresee needing). Am I understanding that correctly?

Any other “get it right the first time” sharp edges I should protect against before the initial release?


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