Symphonic Destruction by Heavyocity – Kontakt

Introducing SYMPHONIC DESTRUCTION, the Heavyocity Hybrid Orchestra.

We’ve deconstructed the orchestra—rebuilding it from the ground up to push the bounds of power, creativity, and aggression in modern scoring. This is what it sounds like when we apply the epic approach of Damage 2 to the orchestra: A collection of cinematic elements that attack your cues with the same energy and vigor that you do. From Full Orchestra Portatos saturated with analog gear to Herrmann-esque detuned staccatos to the kind of deep, dark soundscapes you thought only existed in your head.

SYMPHONIC DESTRUCTION is the all-new approach to hybrid orchestral scoring you’ve been waiting for. Thrilling traditional combinations. Visceral sound design. And the gnarliest Braams you’ve ever heard. One thing’s for sure…the orchestra will never be the same.

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