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Teksonik wrote:

Wed Sep 29, 2021 2:06 pm

What is wrong with .syx patch import in the SQ80V ? Some patches do not import correctly as reported by other users of the hardware units. I sold my ESQ-1 a few years back so can only go on memory.

You can try the demo of SQ80V and see for yourself. Any feedback you can give as an owner of the hardware units will help resolve any issues.

Checking against my ESQ-1, I found that of the LFO waveforms only TRI was importing correctly. The others (SAW, SIN, NOI, I think) were being mapped to other waveforms. There may be other issues, but that is the only one I found. I’ve told Arturia about it.

It is a bit irritating, as I have lots of programs I’d like to import, but I feel I ought to wait until Arturia get this sorted out.

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