Speedy-J – G-Spot: Synths to use to make music similar to this album? – Sound Design Forum

notably, basically everything out.
You can find videos of his studio from this time. What I remember…
Sherman Filterbanks, Akai rack samplers, Ensoniq Mirage, Arp 2600, System 100, Waldorf Microwave, Nord Lead, EMS Synthi, Mac OS9 software, tape stuff. The track title “The FUN Equations” is also the name of a chapter in the Kurzweil K2000 user manual.

Also, the Roland Alpha Juno sounds show up too; the Synrise and String Sweep presets.

I’m more a fan of Ginger, but G-Spot and the live disc are my favs. Wish Speedy J would make another record. Loudboxer was important, but thats almost 20 years old now!

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