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SonicDimension wrote:

Fri Oct 08, 2021 12:09 am

All of the module expansions are 50% off this weekend (and Modular itself is 33% off). Any module recommendations?

beside the nice joke, what is point?, to go for VCV rack. any module rec’s?

what do you own? i have most, especially the modular specific ones, and parallels and model 72, not the other 3 instruments. also reverbs.. o well.

all are great, softube modular, although i use also yes VCV rack, not that often, and Voltage Modular, with quite some modules, Reaktor, with quite some blocks… a lot..

softube modular gives me still sounds, that suits me, sound great, incredibly even. you don’t need a lot of modules… if you patch it right…

the Buchla’s of course. o well any modular specific module, i would recommend. it covers a lot, a lot. not many, as with VM or Reaktor or VCV, but the combinations….

but it depends also on what you already own. and want. but the buchla’s…

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