Should clipping always come at the end of the FX Chain? – Page 2 – Effects Forum

FapFilter wrote:

Sat Oct 09, 2021 10:26 am

Yes, but would use a soft clipper (or dedicated saturation / distortion algos) for this.
But of course there are no rules and if you are into thin, high pitched ear piercing distortion, hard clipping might actually be right up your alley

on sharp transients, hard clipping is generally not a problem. if anything it’s better for most use-cases because it is guaranteed to knock out anything that goes over the threshold whereas a soft clipper will leave something behind. in other words, you would need to lower the threshold further with soft clipping if the peak level is a problem.

also, both will result in obvious distortion if used on anything with a bit of sustain: your taste should determine which one gets used and by how much. both are effectively waveshaping and can be used much like any other form of saturation.

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