Server-side heatmaps – Esri Community

I’ve been using the libraries for JS to build maps and visualisations on the client. Part of doing that includes heatmaps. Using our UI, the user can use a slider to decide how many days to include in the heatmap, and we then fetch the data to generate and display an interactive heatmap in the browser. 

We’ve had a request to have heatmap images for data at 1 week and 1 month available, and so I would like to generate those heatmaps on the server and save them as images for easy access on a weekly and monthly basis. 

How would I achieve this within the ArcGIS offering? Currently all our data resides in our PaaS offering, in Azure. I need to get subsets of that data for periods of 1 week and 1 month to a service that will be able to generate the appropriate heatmap so that I can display it in our UI. 

Thanks in advance for any advice. 

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