reactjs – Gatsby graphql query for GatsbyImage to use a local image from project

If you want to use GatsbyImage you need to provide extra GraphQL node data that Gatsby infers using its transformers and sharps. To do so, you need to tell Gatsby where those images are, in your case, by setting the following snippet in the gatsby-config.js:

  resolve: `gatsby-source-filesystem`,
  options: {
    name: `componentImages`,
    path: `${__dirname}/src/components`,

Note: you can have many instances of the gatsby-source-filesystem

After starting the gatsby develop again to refresh the sources, you will see the node available in the GrahiQL playground (localhost:8000/___graphql) where you should test your query but it should look like:

  image: file(relativePath: {eq: "free-time.jpg"}) {
    childImageSharp {

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