How to set up an enum to allow multiple enums in a query? GraphQL Ruby

I have an enum, item_status.rb defined in app/graphql/graph/enums that looks something like this:

Graph::Enums::ItemStatus = GraphQL::EnumType.define do
 name "ItemStatus"
 description "lorem ipsum"
 value "GOOD", "item is good", value: "good"
 value "NORMAL", "item is normal", value: "normal"
 value "BAD", "item is bad", value: "bad"


It’s defined in my schema.graphql like this:

enum ItemStatus {

I want to send a query from my front-end that contains multiple values for ItemStatus, for example in my queryVariables I’d send status: ["GOOD", "NORMAL"] and I want to receive all items with either of those statuses back. How do I modify my schema to accept an array of values as well as a single value?

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