Front End Book Club – Learning GraphQL Tickets, Tue, 2 Nov 2021 at 7:00 PM

Welcome to Front End Book Club! This is a club where we try to learn new things together at a weekly pace.

This fall we will be reading the book “Learning GraphQL” from the awesome authors Eve Porcello & Alex Banks.

We read the chapter alone during the week and then we come together to discuss the topic and questions in a Zoom meeting.

This is how our agenda for this book looks like:

Sep 14 – Chapter 1 “Welcome to GraphQL”

Sep 21 – Chapter 2 “Graph Theory”

Sep 28 – Chapter 3 “The GraphQL Query Language”

Oct 5 – Chapter 4 “Designing a Schema”

Oct 12 – Chapter 5 – Part I “Creating a GraphQL API – Project Setup, Resolvers, apollo-server-express”

Oct 19 – Chapter 5 – Part II “Creating a GraphQL API – Context, GitHub Authorization, Conclusion”

Oct 26 – Chapter 6 “GraphQL Clients”

Nov 2 – Chapter 7 “GraphQL in the Real World”

We would be thrilled to have you joining us and learning GraphQL together!

Join our Slack channel here.

Or join us on Zoom on Tuesdays at 7PM PST.

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