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Krzysztof Oktalski wrote:

Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:11 am

Robmobius wrote:
DMG’s EQuilibrium is also a good choice too, but it a tad more cumbersome than the FF (imo).

Hey Rob,

Out of interest, what makes you say this? We’ve spent a lot of time UX testing EQuilibrium to make sure, when properly configured, it’s the fastest tool we could make it for each user. We’d be interested to hear if there’s any way we could improve but we get very few suggestions in this area now, which led us to believe users are predominantly satisfied. If there’s something that slowed you down, we’ll endeavour to fix it asap.

I’m not Rob, but…
Having an option to delete bands just pressing “delete” (backspace) would be pretty nice!

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