Presswerk vs Pro C2 – Effects Forum

Just my very personal opinion : if I simply answer your question, I’d recommend Pro-C2. Why ? Because I think it sounds waaaaaay better. I won’t talk sh!t using technical aspects and possibilities : they both compress, you get a compressed sound and they’re both very capable as they can do nearly anything. I’m using a Babyface Pro RME FS and Event Opal monitors : with this equipment and to my ears, yes, Pro-C2 is way ahead, no question.

BUT. If I could add something, that would be this : there are, imho, better options than Pro-C2 and Presswerk. Even the FREE Kotelnikov sounds better to my ears (granted, it’s a mastering compressor, but you get the message). If you’re about these products, then that’s your choice, but are you sure you’ve tried them all before you chose one of them ?

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