Potential improvements to import and copy in Darktable. – #31 by Terry – darktable

Keep in mind that traditionally, Linux uses specialised tools for each task. Extreme examples of this are programs like find, sed, awk, grep, which are meant to be used (also) as components to do one sub-task within a larger task.

In this case, that would mean using a different program to download files, and another tool to keep track of new files to be written to a backup location. MS-Windows software is much more oriented towards “one program does all”.

And darktable is originally a Linux program, with MacOS and MS-Windows builds provided when/if there are volunteers to do so. That’s why you are likely to recommendations for different programs to do what you want.
A big advantage of that approach is that each team only deals with what they know best. Disadvantage is that the user has to learn more interfaces/GUIs…

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