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cowby wrote:

Sat Sep 25, 2021 5:35 am

Bitwig 4 seems not well present the visual of the VSTs (Blur). I got the same result as of the OP that means Studioone 5.4 did a good job on displaying the VSTs. I am not sure if the policy of this sub-forum can mention other DAWs or not. But most of my DAWs displays quite well in this regard.

Open, the side browser, find the plugin you have problem with, right-click on it and there’s an option to disable scaling. After that load the plugin again and you will be able to now use its internal scaling, which should preserve sharpness.

It’s pretty stupid that Bitwig BY DEFAULT has this option enabled and you have to do it one by one for every plugin that causes problems… Studio One has it off by default and you enable this only if plugin doesn’t scale by itself and is too small. But Bitwig devs have been ignoring my mails about this default, or at least about letting us change that from Settings.

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