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gentleclockdivider wrote:

Thu Sep 23, 2021 1:49 pm

Not sure if this isa bug but I mention it anyway
I can only compare to dexed and my tg77 ( which is not a dx7 )
Even when key sync is on ( instant attack and fast decay to zero for modulator ) , it sounds less clicky compared to dexed ..iow a softer attack .
Plogue’s s a short linear fade in ramp , dexed has a short exp.fade in and a sudden drop responsible for the click
Anyone with a real dx7 that can jump in ?
It’s most noticeable with low ratio operaotrs 0.5 going into 0.5

Yeah, the fastest rate still takes about 40~50-ish samples to ramp up on the original dx7…

Later FM chips for home consoles and computers (Genesis, OPL2 on soundblasters etc) have a special case that instantly goes to the maximum level at the fastest setting, they might have added this special case to the TG-77 as well.

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