One-Synth-Challenge: General discussion thread – Page 275 – Instruments Forum

Guenon wrote:

Sun Oct 10, 2021 2:03 am

Yeah… The only “hmmmmm” about something like this (that is, a separate new challenge for the OSC community) is, if it ended up cutting too big a slice out of the time people have available for challenges like this… and divided the effort/entries between challenges each month, then. Like, if this was to become a monthly thing, and people were interested enough in it, month after month, annnd someone just had time to finish one challenge tune per month, it’s a “choose between challenges” situation, then. And… that’s a tough one, the OSC is special and I wouldn’t like to see the variety of entries suffer.

Honestly getting more than fourty entries a month in the OSC, we could afford some division. I think we could try it one month in the OSC and see what the response is. I’m open to it.

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