Offiical Musescore Linux Repos? | MuseScore

It seems as though it is possible to download a Linux package for pretty much any Linux distro from the Musescore download site, but there doesn’t seem to be an actual repository that one could add to their repos sources list for Musescore to get updated automatically. Did I just miss it, or is this actually the case?

I’m asking about this because OS developers don’t necessarily always include the latest version of Musescore in their respective repos, if at all. For example, everybody laughs at GNU/Linux Debian for having super long delays between software releases and their inclusion in the official repos, and with reason. The way I usually fix that, when it doesn’t cause stability issues, is by simply including the official product’s repo in my repo sources list, so I don’t have to wait after Debian devs to make a move.

I know there is a Snap version of Musescore, but I usually try to avoid Snap, when possible.

Also, I’ve tried the Debian backports, but the version there is also pretty outdated.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts on the issue, and perhaps a “hey, the repos are here” if I am blind.

God bless.

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