Need please advice for Black Box HG-2 & Masterdesk – Effects Forum

I agree with your about Masterdesk – I bought it on sale awhile back. I dont use it for mastering, I use it for track vibe. I prefer to impart less distortion on my mastering than more and so I avoid saturation except subtle tape and maybe a sweet AA preamp from time to time. Perhaps try Masterdesk as a track mojo tool.

HG-2… its just another “flavour” of distortion. Again, I don’t put a lot of distortion on my tracks and masters because I prefer the “deeper blacks” contrast without all those harmonics bubbling around above the noise floor. But, again, HG is an interesting option for track vibe.

Perhaps looka at them for more overt distortion applications vs saturation and see what you think. But as always, Follow Your Ears.

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