raspberrypi – Ubuntu 21.10 bug on raspberry pi

I just upgraded to Ubuntu 21.10 from Ubuntu 21.04. I enjoy the new GNOME 40 desktop environment. Though, there is an issue with it. I am having issues with the Ubuntu Dock and the Applications Menu. Whenever I click on an app and try to drag the application from the dock or the menu, the desktop freezes or crashes. I have no choice, but to turn off the pi. I don’t know why this happens. I own a raspberry pi 4 (8 gigabyte model).

I have tested this with the “Ubuntu on Xorg” environment, I clicked and dragged the application, but it lets me do it. There is no freeze / crash on the “Ubuntu on Xorg” but for Ubuntu on Wayland. This crashes.

Does anyone know about this? Is the Ubuntu Team going to fix this?

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