Package – node-red-contrib-posixmq

This is a fork of Denis Francesconi’s PosixMQ-read node for Node-RED.
Uses Mike Okner’s posix-mq library.

This version allows the user to both write to a POSIX message queue and read from a POSIX message queue.

  • node.js — tested against v8+

  • node-red

  • Linux 2.6.6+ or FreeBSD kernel with POSIX message queue support compiled in (CONFIG_POSIX_MQUEUE, which is enabled by default)

  • See man mq_overview for how/where to modify global POSIX message queue resource limits

  • Depends on nan & posix-mq which will be automatically installed when running npm install posixmq-read.

These settings are applicable to both the posixmq-read and posixmq-write nodes.

  • msgnameString – name of message queue.

  • maxmsgsNumber – The maximum number of messages in the queue.

  • msgsizeNumber – The maximum size of messages in the queue.

  • createBoolean – Create the message queue if it is not already present.

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