MQTT_CONNECT error -116 — Charlie’s updated example of mqtt simple with UART that SImon originally did but compiles for 1.7.0 – Nordic Q&A – Nordic DevZone

Yesterday I tested this new code that Charlie thankfully put together for the MQTT simple allowing publishing over the UART.  Problem I have now is that I’m getting an mqtt_connect error -116 but at least the whole program isnt restarting over and over again (fixed with a change to the overlay file at his suggestion).  Anyhow, it does get through to UART loopback started which is great, however every 60 seconds it gets the error mqtt_connect error -116 and then says reconnecting in 60 seconds.  I will try to figure out what error 116 is, or maybe there is a simple code change.  Tried to write this in the relevant thread but it was locked so starting a new thread here

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